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Divorce is never easy. Let us guide you toward a new future.

Divorce is most likely one of the most life-changing decisions a person can make. Not only will a divorce have immediate repercussions on your family life, but it could also have serious consequences that could be experienced for years down the road. Protecting your rights and interests will be of the utmost priority, and our Nashville family law attorney stands at the ready to do so.

At Nick Shelton, Attorney at Law, we strive to help you:

  • Get through the divorce process quickly, easily, and cost-consciously
  • End up with a final divorce document that optimizes assets and income
  • Create a parenting plan that works for your family
  • Protect your emotional and financial interests, all without charging you an exorbitant fee

This is the caliber of legal representation you can expect at Nick Shelton, Attorney at Law, and this is exactly the type of legal counsel our lawyer provides. We understand that divorce will never be an easy decision to make, but once the decision has been made, you will need to prepare for the next phase of your life. Let us help you navigate the waters so you can move forward with a peace of mind.

We strive to provide compassionate counsel, yet aggressive legal advocacy when necessary.
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Types of Divorce in Tennessee

Tennessee’s laws allow for two options for divorce filings. These include uncontested or contested divorce. Uncontested divorce will refer to a simple divorce (typically involving no children, limited marital property distribution, limited debts or assets, etc.) where both parties have no disagreement on any issues pertaining to the divorce. Contested divorce typically involves marriages with more at stake and refers to a divorce proceeding where the parties disagree on one or more issues pertaining to the divorce.

Common Issues to Address During a Divorce

Our Nashville divorce lawyer understands that you could have many questions before, during, and even after, the divorce. These questions could pertain to your rights, your property, your finances, your future, and your children. We can answer all of your questions to make sure you are completely informed about the divorce process and your options along the way.

In order to file for divorce in Tennessee, the grounds for a fault-based, contested divorce must be met:

  • Adultery
  • Inappropriate marital conduct
  • Habitual drunkenness or drug abuse of narcotic drugs that has worsened since the marriage
  • Living separately and apart for two (2) years with no minor children
  • Willful or malicious desertion for one (1) full year without a reasonable cause
  • Conviction of a felony

Nick Shelton has extensive divorce litigation experience which allows him to create a strategy that best suits your needs. Whether you are the party accused of fault in the marriage or your spouse is at fault, Mr. Shelton knows how to best represent your particular situation to help the judge determine a favorable outcome, fair amount for child or spousal support, and a final parenting plan that is optimal for the circumstances.

If you are the party accused of fault in the marriage, Mr. Shelton will apply his experience and extensive knowledge of the judicial system and divorce process to ensure that the fault portion is separated from the monetary rulings and that your credibility and rights are not destroyed by past mistakes or infidelities.

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Whether you are seeking a simple dissolution or you are struggling to protect your children and your assets, our Nashville divorce attorney can work diligently on your behalf to achieve financial stability, reduced conflict, and improved emotional health for everyone once your divorce is final.

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