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Family Law
Whether you are going through a divorce, engaged in a custody dispute for your children, attempting to increase or lower child support or need some pre-marriage planning, Nick has the experience and knowledge to strategically and competently represent you.
Divorce is never an easy decision, but when you have made that decision, you need an aggressive divorce attorney on your side to help you prepare for the next phase of your life.
Nick knows the procedures and local rules of the Courts as well as the necessary experience and substantive knowledge of real estate, collection, business disputes, DUI and criminal matters to get you the result you want.
Probates / Estates / Wills
Make sure that you have a proper legal instrument (last will and testament) that gives each loved one of the decedent what he/she desires for his/her loved ones to receive.
Business Law
Nick can take care of your business's needs, collect monies due, defendant your company or partnership and get you the result your company needs.
Criminal DUI
In the state of Tennessee, a traffic accident that is the cause of another person’s death or severe bodily injury can be charged as a felony DUI. Nick Shelton has successfully represented many defendants in DUI cases.
Nick Shelton
What We Can Do For you

Whether your case consists of a Divorce, Custody Dispute, Child Support issue, DUI, Litigation matter, Will & Estate, Real Estate or Bankruptcy, at Nick Shelton’s law office, you will be actively involved in your case, with frequent meetings and communications with Mr. Shelton to keep you informed throughout the legal process. Your case will be given Mr. Shelton’s keen insight and judgment with a strategy to achieve the best results at the conclusion of the case. Mr. Shelton has extensive trial and appellate experience in the state General Sessions, Chancery and Circuit Courts as well as in the Federal District Courts and, upon appeal, before the Tennessee Court of Appeals and the Tennessee Supreme Court.

Nick values his clients and is honored and dedicated to advocating for your needs and zealously representing you. With almost 20 years of experience and expertise, Nick Shelton is the lawyer that you can trust to handle any issue you may face, be it divorce, auto accident, commercial, financial or litigation. Please contact Nick Shelton today to schedule a free consultation and to learn how he can assist you with your legal matters. All initial consultations are free & confidential. Mr. Shelton will answer your questions, evaluate your case, and quote you estimated fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions Mr. Shelton receives during consultations and conversations with clients. If you have a questions that is not answered here, call Nick Shelton Law at 615-656-1680.

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Client Testimonials
  • “Nick was thorough and detailed in handling our case, yet he was sensitive to our emotions regarding the matter. He prepared us for what to expect as we worked through our case. This helped to put us at ease. Nick Shelton will provide you with outstanding legal representation at a fair price.”

    Kay O. Client
  • “Nick Shelton of Franklin, TN represented me in a contested divorce. His strategy and counsel throughout the whole process was focused and direct. I credit him with the extremely favorable settlement that was reached. I recommend Nick Shelton to anyone who is in need of an attorney.”

    Mike O. Client
  • “Nick has proven himself to be a helpful and reliable legal source for civil litigation matters and collection matters. He is diligent, hard-working and always responsive whenever I have a legal matter to address.”

    John S. Client
  • “Though my divorce seemed like an impossible situation at the beginning, Nick had a way of boiling things down into a methodical and straightforward process that was not overwhelming to me. He kept us focused on our goal at all times, thinking ahead and having us fully prepared for each hearing along the way. At any time, I could call him for advice or reassurance. I will certainly retain Nick Shelton in the future if the need arises.”

    Bonnie V. Client
  • “I retained Nick Shelton to help our family get through probate and to settle our father’s estate. Nick was great to work with and made the process less confusing. I never once doubted that he was genuinely concerned about our case and always putting forth his best effort on our behalf. You want Nick Shelton on your side.”

    Jill G. Client
  • “Nick Shelton is one of the best attorneys that I have ever worked with. He is intuitive not only about the courtroom process and legal aspects of each case, but also about the personalities involved in particular situations. He is always fully prepared and will aggressively stand up for his clients.”

    Mary M. Client
  • “With Nick’s assistance, we maximized our settlement from our car accident. “

    Susie D. Client
  • “Attorney Nick Shelton has a way of keeping things simple and being realistic with the game plan. He is genuinely friendly and easy to work with, but he will aggressively look out for your best interests. Not only was he always prepared for our hearings and depositions, but he made certain that I was, too, which relieved my stress about the situation. Nick Shelton is a great attorney.”

    Melanie C. Client
  • "Working with Nick is always a pleasure. His fees are always reasonable and he always does a good job."

    Tim C. Client
  • "Nick's legal counseling, patience and expertise have been invaluable to me in many respects. I highly recommend him to anyone needing to consult a lawyer in Williamson County."

    Tom R. Client
  • "I highly recommend Nick to anyone needing to consult an attorney in Franklin, Tennessee."

    Jason A. Client
  • "Nick's representation and consultation have proven to be invaluable to me."

    Scott B. Client
  • "Nick has been delightful to work during the probate of my father's estate. And his legal advice and work has been excellent. My sisters and I are truly thankful we chose to retain Nick."

    Holly D. Client
  • "Nick Shelton has been a trusted adviser and friend to me and my family, and his candor and willingness to deal with difficult issues has been greatly appreciated."

    Charles C. Client